Worship service time is 10 am

Sunday School Classes start at 9 am



check out EUMC new  informational church narthex

Grap a few and hand them out to friends and family

 Sunday Nov 27th  2016 EUMC celebrated 136 years  Kim Dormann made a video of the history and the past year

Dear Members of the Administrative Council,

Thank you for agreeing to be involved in the  Greater New Jersey Conference  program  called “Team Vital” that helps a congregation plan for vitality.  We will enter the Spring session.

It is  believed that this  can be a critically important program for Evangelical.  It will focus our attention on the future and give us the tools needed to plan strategically for a ministry that will engage us in making disciples for Jesus Christ and growing our membership.

here is a video to explain:




Attention**** Each Group of EUMC is asked to write up something that’s going on in your group for the Echoes…

Remember Gallup Polling says that 85% of people who come to church do so because they were invited by a friend or family member. If every members made it their mission to bring in at least ONE new member , in 5 years the congregation will thrive



ATTENTION:..A friendly reminder to PLEASE turn off lights and close windows when leaving the building…

ATTENTION….STAFFING FOR NURSERY… there is still a great need for help here.  everyone needs to have a background check when serving in nursery..please see Ginny Green if interested

ATTENTION…we are creating a permanent list for Jr Church coverage. See BettyJo for detail

ATTENTION….Cards for  a person of the week..look for the Person of the week card to sign in the narthex to let that person know we are thinking and praying’s a nice we to say we care

ATTENTION…..The doors to the church will be locked during the week except  when Programs are being held..if you would like to come into the church during the day  please call prior and if you already do have a key ..please let the secretary  know you are in the building During worship time all the side doors to the church will be locked..the front doors will remain unlock during the 10 am service

ATTENTION….Breakfast Foods for Kids Alley Ministry

 Evangelical has a regular presence in this vital ministry with children in Camden. We also make a financial contribution each year as an expression of our commitment to this work of God. For the next three weeks we are seeking contributions of the following foods for the breakfasts provided to the children who are in the summer program:             CEREAL (SUCH AS FROSTED FLAKES, CHEERIOS, HONEY NUT                 CHEERIOS,CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH & VANILLA LIFE)             GRANOLA BARS             NUTRIGRAIN BARS             APPLE SAUCE CUPS             FRUIT CUPS (IN WATER)             OATMEAL

Pastor’s Sermon series for December continues on Dec 17th

December 17 – Anticipation 3: Christmas Fruit   Luke 3: 7-18

December 24 – Anticipation 4: God My Savior    Luke 1: 39-59


Such a blessing to have Kaylee Thomas Baptized at EUMC on Nov 5th..Bless the Children…



Dates to remember:


Every 2nd Friday of month..CBKids Jr Youth Group from 6:30 to 8  All 3rd to 5th grade school students are welcomeNov 28th Financial Committee Meeting  7 pm

Thanks to all who helped make this past weekend events so successful

Christmas Poinsettias orders are due by Dec 17th..10$ each Sale Benefit Blessing Store

Dec 12th Team Vital Meeting @ 7pm

Dec 15th Chit Chats Annual Christmas Luncheon at the Zecks  11:30 Am  10$ Christmas Gift Exchange

Dec 16th  Kid’s alley Christmas Rally  2 time slots to help out

Dec 17th  After church Luncheon  Wear a Festive or “Ugly” Christmas Sweater

Dec 17th @ 3 pm Christmas caroling for the shut-ins…  any Questions call Noel

Dec 24th  Normal worship at 10 am and Christmas Eve Services  7pm